Instagram Updated With 15 Second Video

A major update to the outrageously popular photo sharing app Instagram has arrived, bringing the ability to shoot short video clips up to 15 seconds in length. It’s a move to counter the new hit viral video sharing app Vine, also recently released. To be blunt, Instagram has thrown down the gauntlet with this update and has surpassed almost every feature included in Vine.

Of course, the trademark filtering feature present in Instagram is also included in the video mode. Users can take a short video and apply 13 different video exclusive filters to their clip. The app has a simple button for taking videos and you simply tap and hold to begin capturing video, and release when you’re done. Once the video has been recorded, you can select a thumbnail image to appear for the video from the footage you’ve captured. Videos will appear automatically in your feed and can be viewed right away. They do not loop as they do in Vine but can be replayed if you want.

Besides the great filters that you can apply for interesting effects, Instagram has included a new ‘Cinema’ feature with image stabilization for shaky hands or if you’re taking video in a car or on a boat. It’s a great little addition to the app that makes you feel more like a pro photographer. There are some simple editing features as well which are also a thoughtful addition.

The new and improved Instagram is available for iOS and Android right now. If you’re an Instagram fan, download it right away.

Instagram for iOS | Android

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