Rockmelt : Best of Web & News for Android

Rockmelt : Best of Web & News is a new mobile news reader app for all Android devices. The app helps you find the hottest news, stories, blogs, and videos fast. Like many other news aggregator apps, Rockmelt uses your browsing habits and preferences to serve up a personalized experience to you. The top stories and news appear on the home screen and change according to the types of content you like to view. This personalization aspect is a major part of Rockmelt, and the more you use it, the more accurate the recommended news and videos get. You’ll often be presented with content that you might not have found on your own but that perfectly suits your tastes based on your browsing habits and preferences.

It wouldn’t be a modern app without the social networking side and Rockmelt has that covered. You can instantly share your favorite sites and stories with friends on other social networks or directly within the Rockmelt app. You can view what your friends like and even browse along with them and leave comments.

Rockmelt also promises a faster browsing experience with no ads. The app shows only the good stuff and cuts out the ads that clutter so many blogs and videos and interrupt the viewing experience. This speeds up browsing significantly and makes it more pleasant overall. The app also claims very fast rendering of all content from text to video.

It’s nothing revolutionary, but Rockmelt : Best of Web & News is an attractive and solid reader app that makes browsing fast and easy. It’s available now free on Google Play for all Android devices 4.0 and up. If you’ve never used an aggregator app, give it a shot, it’s a lot of fun.

Source: Rockmelt App for Android

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