Dashing: A Theme and and Color Changing Keyboard for iPhone

When people jailbreak their iPhones most of the time it is to get apps that simply are not available on the iTunes app store and are not official, Apple approved apps. These jailbreak fans have a whole new world of apps opened up for them and now the latest one for the fashion forward or stylish students is here. It is called Dashing. The app allows for customized color themes to be used on the iOS keyboard for texting, internet browsing or any other time the keyboard pops up.

Although this isn’t an app that is a hot new game, or one that makes your life much easier, sometimes we just need a little bit of color or dulled down color in our lives. The stock iOS keyboard is a little bit pastel for some people, and those who want to masculinize their color schemes or make the keyboard just a little more something extra Dashing is a great app to check out.

At this point in time Dashing is free, but in the future there will be paid versions for users to select from a much larger array of colors. The app is very well made for not being from an Apple approved app company, and looks perfect for the monotone color that comes with it free.

Source: Reddit

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