Gameloft released the Iron Man 3 – The Official Game for Android and iOS

If you’re a fan of the metal clad Avenger hero, Iron Man, then surely the newest release of the third installment of the Hollywood film has your excitement brimming. Year after year without fail these Marvel superheroes have been breaking records and stealing hearts of the world with their action and excitement all while breaking box office records in the process. Now is your chance to get a taste of this new Iron Man 3 movie in the form of a game which has been released for users of both iOS and Android. There’s no excuse, unless you’re a Windows Phone user, to not go grab this game and have a blast.

Following suit with the immense success of running games in the past few months such as Temple Run 2, Iron Man 3 is going with the endless running scheme, but it does it in a very exciting way. The game doesn’t feel overdone or boring and allows the player to truly get immersed in an Iron Man world to chamber the pangs the angst for the third movie.

The game itself was actually so impressive I was nothing short of shocked and profoundly impressed by not only the graphics and gameplay, but the amount of interesting and edge of the seat gameplay involved. For a linear game based on constant progression it does what other games constantly fail to and stay good.

When a game is released for a movie it usually is just a rip off of another big title game repackaged into something that makes it easily forgettable and just another cog in the hype machine for the studio. This Iron Man 3 game is not only a stand alone good game, but does the great job of actually getting downloads due to the gameplay itself for the building anticipation of the movie.

Source: Iron Man 3 for Android | Iron Man 3 for iPhone

[Image Credit: Google Play Store | Apple iTunes Store]

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