Pudding Monsters: The New App from the Creators of Cut the Rope

Pudding Monsters is a fun and addicting app which has just been released from the makers of the world famous Cut the Rope franchise. Although Pudding Monsters isn’t exactly like Cut the Rope it does offer many similar graphics and concepts. It is a puzzle game where the characters are googley eyed monsters made who are on a mission to save their friends from the mean spirited fridge owner. Similar to almost a setup reminiscent of Angry Birds, each Pudding Monster has a special ability and aspect to solving the level.

The concept is simple; stick together and conquer the world. The plight of these cute little guys is in your hands! You must help these Pudding Monsters survive in this tough world by combining them, using each of their powers and solving each puzzle.

The game is incredibly addicting. With 75 levels set up to solve and conquer, by the time you finally end up beating it you’ll want even more. As with Cut the Rope, this game offers the opportunity for replay value since beating the game with all of the different goals for each level can be a challenge to complete.

This app is available as cross platform allowing Android users and Apple users to both enjoy this quirky little number. It has all of the nice, convenient features that Cut the Rope had like quick level restart to jump right back into a puzzle if you start out incorrectly.

Once you start playing this game it will be the one you open up waiting in a line, at the bus stop, or just for fun unwinding at the end of the night. Challenging enough for anyone, but simple enough for even kids to enjoy, this app will surely make for some good times. For only 99 cents in the app stores, this is a steal for all of the levels and the amount of times you can replay the levels without even realizing you’ve played them before. Don’t wait any longer to go grab this little gem! Help out these Pudding Monsters and you won’t regret it.


Pudding Monsters for Android

Pudding Monsters for iOS

[Image Credit: ZeptoLab]

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