PLAYMOBIL Pirates Ship and Toys in Gameloft’s new Android Game

With the Playmobil Pirates game for the Android platform, users can now enjoy amazing pirate’s life, and also play with your preferred Playmobil Pirates toys and ships.

Playmobil, a renowned name when we consider toy manufacturers, and now they have recently come up with a Gameloft which is more like bringing their cool and trendy toys right over the Android platform. The toys that have been made available from the Playmobil happen to be exceedingly expensive but you can get an easy access and that is all for free. For this, all you need to do is to download the Playmobil Pirates Android game for your gadget.

The Playmobil Pirates game features a gaming environment which you would anticipate from a pirate game. In this game, you will be asked to build a team of your own, and then aid them to defeat the iniquitous pirate Blackbeard. You have to hire your own crews and get done with several different tasks by them like building houses, securing your hideout with the use of canons, make different tools that will help you work faster and a lot more. You are required to set up your very own weapons to defend the small attacks that take place every now and then. Initially, you may find them easy to resist, however; the danger will keep growing as you get ahead with the game. If you get through all the levels successfully, you will be able to earn gold coins that you will require to improvise your fighting capability which also includes a better ship.

All of these adventures and fights appear to be extremely real with amazing scenery and graphics. Various small things such as the flags blowing, clouds drifting overhead and ship bobbing in the harbor make the game more lively. The characters of the game are really a great fun to interact with. The game also offers all kinds of social networking portal integration where you can also challenge your friends in several mini games.

While you are playing the PLAYMOBIL Pirates android game, you will find the game mixing up with the most famous toys within the game which is really cool. The gameplay is quite simple yet exceedingly attractive with incredible visual experience.
However, some users do find the game as very slow. This happens to be the one and only con of the game.

The PLAYMOBIL Pirates can be downloaded from here.

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