Facebook Poke Application is now introduced in iPhone

Facebook has offered many new features to the world since its inception that are loved by everyone. Poke feature on Facebook is available since 2004 and it is very famous among people. Recently, Facebook has launched a poke application to the iPhone users that is a simple way of getting in touch with your friends on Facebook instantly. Unlike the Facebook poke feature, the poke application includes sending message, sending your photo or a video to your friend any time. People can now stay in touch with their friends through their mobile more easily. Another important feature about the application is that your message, or video or a picture that you send to your friend remains with them for a few seconds and after that it is not available to be seen by them.

The application has an option that lets you to select the time for your content to be seen by your friend only after they have opened it. Besides this, the person at the receiving end can report or remove the content if they wish to. These all features together have made this a very interesting application and social networking has now become more exciting and more fun. Moreover, like the other Facebook applications, the poke application is available to download for free. It is a fun way of sharing your updates to your many friends in just no time.

Facebook is continuously striving to bring a more advanced and unique social networking experience to the world. Their mobile applications are as good and easy as using Facebook on a computer. Facebook has seen many years of success and it is still enjoying the success and the world wants to see a lot from them in the future as well.

Source: Facebook Poke App for iOS

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