PhotoPlay for Windows Phone 8: An Instagram Alternative

One of the most coveted apps that has yet to make an appearance on the Windows Phone platform is the infamous Instagram. The photo sharing app with the power of Facebook behind it is the name synonymous with photo sharing and on the go amateur filter photography. Although Windows Phone users are simply left behind and out of the loop with Instagram, there are a few alternative apps that can allow a simulated experience. There was a new addition to this arena last week with the app called PhotoPlay. It is essentially an Instagram style filter and social media app with a different name.

PhotoPlay does what it does well. With a great amount of filters and effects, you can get the most of the great cameras Windows Phone 8 devices come equipped with. One of the only pitfalls is the same barrier that every other photo sharing app besides Instagram has to overcome; it’s not Instagram. This means that simply because it doesn’t have the millions of users at the heart of the app the functionality of sharing these pictures in an Instagram like forum is impossible. Although the app is available cross platform, getting your friends to try it out is one thing, but getting the world to cater to the app may be an entirely different story.

PhotoPlay is also only compatible with Windows Phone 8. There is no version which works with earlier versions of the OS which means that the market for the app is even further restricted. Either way it is a fun app and a great alternative to Instagram like on the fly editing and filter application.

Source: PhotoPlay App for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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