MeteoEarth: The Professional Quality Weather App for Android

MeteoEarth is one of the most stunning weather apps I have ever come across. With graphics unmatched in any other and a system powered by those similar to the professional meteorologists on newscasts this app packs a useful and appealing punch. Not only is this just a GPS linked daily forecaster, but you can spin the globe and pinpoint and track weather systems anywhere on Earth. You can even switch which weather systems to show such as rain, cloud cover, and wind diagrams. The option for a 3D view or a flattened out 2D map to view the weather on also makes the experience that much more profound.

For those of us who love weather and tracking the state of the world’s systems this app will provide literally endless fun. Having worries about relatives in a different state or different country? No problem, just zoom your map in over where they are and see for yourself how things are doing over there.

The interface is one of the smoothest I have used for an app this expansive. The ability to spin the globe and pick out pinpointed locations feels very natural and takes no time at all to learn. Anyone from a weather buff to a regular, everyday person would find this app interesting and entertaining, as well as most importantly, useful.

Source: MeteoEarth App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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