How to Run Android apps in your Chrome web browser

If you want to run Android applications on your desktop or laptop, but you do not have Chromebook in your hand? Please do not worry about it, there is still a way to do this. Maybe you don’t know but Chrome has built in feature that let you test Android Apps in your web browser.

The tool required ARC Welder to run Android application on your laptop or desktop. Actually, ARC is stand for App Run time for Chrome was an experiment specially designed for applications developers, but we can also take advantage of this.

First of all, we need to keep in mind ARC Welder is based on Android 4.4v, this tool has some limitation such as:

  • You can run single app at same time
  • You required to select whether you want to the application to lunch in Landscape and Portrait mode
  • You have to use tablet or phone mode.

How to install ARC Welder:

Open you chrome web browser on desktop or laptop, go for Chrome web Page for ARC Welder and install this extension to your chrome browser. After installation process, you will be able to state using Android Application on your laptop.

Most of desktop system support Windows 10, Mac OS. So extension should work regardless you are using Macbook or Windows laptop.

But one thing we need to remember, ARC is specially designed for Chrome OS. “You are using ARC Welder on a non-Chrome OS device. Platform-specific bugs exist.

How to find and Download .APK files:

ARC Welder required APK files to run, so we have to find APK files to run on laptop or desktop. So we suggest you to try following websites, which offer huge collection of APK apps and games:




How to use ARC Welder to run Apps:

If you have already downloaded APK app, just click on “Add your APK”  button start testing process. Don’t worry it will takes few seconds to load, once it done, you will required to do few more things. Such as select orientation, form factor or whether application should resized.

Next step, press test and wait for application load. It will do so in separate window. But unfortunately some apps will fail to load, so we found out in testing phase. Few crashes for inexplicable reasons.

For example, Instagram did not load properly, however Messenger Lite and Twitter work great. However, overall experience was not bad.

Majority of Android games we test did not work. Some games load for second, but then crashed afterwards, if you still want to test few games, you can test it yourself.

But we need to admit that, some application just works fine, if you have tried ARC Welder, please share your experience with us in comment section below which application or games work fine for you.

55+ Cute Babies Images For Facebook / Whatsapp DP

If you are lucky to have a baby girl or boy, you can easily understand power of baby charm. Cute babies are nothing less than marvels of joy. Why people love baby? because babies are so cute and cuddly creature. One another reason is babies are adorable because they are so tiny and soft. when babies are smiling, and parents are so excited to see this.

Mostly girls are searching for cute babies’ pictures for their Facebook and WhatsApp display pictures. Most of peoples takes their own babies’ pictures and displayed on their profile, but some women and girls are afraid to use their own babies pictures because of misused on internet. So, if you like to use babies pictures but afraid to use your own baby picture, so you must select any of following cute babies picture and use as your FB and WhatsApp DP.

So we are going to share 55+ Cute Babies Images For Facebook / Whatsapp DP, you can switched and replace new pictures every day. We hope you friends will like these beautiful display picture and they also copy your picture and use on their own DP.

Little Panda baby

Cute Asian baby

baby playing with toy bear

Smiling Baby

Arabic baby

Sleeping baby

Cute Chicken Baby

Worried Baby

Sleeping Princes

Baby with big toy bear

Cute African Baby

Superman Baby

Beautiful Baby with Cow

Little Girl with hijab

Little Princess

Cute Baby with Salwar Kameez Dress

Baby Sticking Their Tongues Out

Lonely baby

Baby with Apple

Beautiful baby sleeping with Cat

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How to Setup Google Authenticator is as easy as scanning a QR code

Strong password are not enough anymore, we suggest using two factor authentication for your account safety. Two factor Authentication is offered by different popular services provides such as Facebook, Twitter, Instrgram and Gmail. Google Authenticator is a free security application that can secure your Google accounts from password theft and hackers. In two factor authentications if someone is try to logging into account, we must be capable to receive a text sms or call from Google system. But Authenticator app make our lives more easier by generating smart devices generate security codes.

Here are few easy steps to enable Authenticator app on your Android or iOS devices.

Prerequisites :

These are few important steps that must completed before you start with this setup.

1. you must have 2 step verification setup on your Google account.
2. you have to install Google Authenticator app on your Android or iOS.
3. You must install a barcode scanner

Google Authenticator app Setup :

From your web browser, open the Google account security page
Click on “2-Step Verification”
Under the Authenticator App section, click  “Setup”
Select your device type (Android, iPhone) and click “Next” to reveal a QR code
Open the Authenticator app on your device
Tap “Scan a barcode” (if you have not installed a barcode scanner, you will now be asked to)
Scan the QR code that is open in your browser
Click the “Next” button
Type the code you see on your mobile device into the text box and click verify.
Click the Done option to complete your setup

You now have added security of 2 step login process with ease of code generator. A thing you must know:

1) you only allow to setup one device at a time as authenticator.

2) you make sure to never set this up on publicly shard device.

3) i suggest adding password to your smartphone if you setup this feature, remember the security is only good as person keeping it.

25+ Islamic Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friends

Your best friends are always there for you through thick and thin. Best friends are only people you turn to when you need to talk. Friends is one most precious relationship in the world. But most of time we want to show, how much we care about our friends. A true friend is one who remain with us in every circumstances.

If you are looking for a way to express your friend how much they mean to you, these Islamic friendship quotes are perfect for you.

We have collected 25+ best Islamic friendship quotes. There are heartwarming quotes that will express to your best friend how much special he or she is. All Islamic friendship quotes are available in beautiful graphic images. So, you can just download and share these beautiful quotes on your Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest account. I hope you friends will like your sharing. If you like our shared quotes, please comment.

“If you have someone in your life that encourages you to practice Islam. Consider yourself blessed.”

“If Allah supports you then no one can defeat you.”

“If you have a friend who helps you obey Allah, Hold onto him.”

“A True Friend Cares About Your Akhirah.”

“No Matter How many new friends you make you can get real comfort from old friends.”

“Your Friend is the one who mentions Allah to you in your presence and mentions you to Allah in your absence.”

“Friends Till Jannah.”

25+ Best 3D Logo Mockup Adobe PSD & Vectors

3D Logo Designs play important role when it comes to success of any business, and selecting right mockup to showcase your logo design is crucial factor to impress your valuable clients. Good logo mockups are not just enhancing presentations but it also help in saving a lot of time and efforts. Clients always want to see how logo will look on finished product. Today we have gathered around 25& 3D logo design mockup PSD and Vectors templates for your business. All uploaded makeups are available in high quality content and will provide you full support in work process. So you should try to find a suitable logo mockup to make your design concept more realistic.

3D Steel Logo Mockup

You can use this freebie, you could quickly create your own perspective logo concepts in 3D embossed steel and present them to your valuable client. The PSD files comes with smart object layers.


Hanging Wall Sign

It is high-quality 3d PSD mockup for your logo. You can replace your shop’s name in that smart objects and you are all set in just few seconds. You can also use the file and the artwork both for personal use and commercial use.


GemGfx Realistic 3D Logo Mockup


Real 3D Logos And Text – Vol1

This is a collection of logo mockups that features few different mockup templates featuring 3D and realistic designs. The bundle includes few unique and real photo-based mockups that you can use to showcase your logo designs in an attractive way.


Free 3D Logo Realistic Mockup With Heart Free Psd

A 3D logo mockup template for showcasing logo or signage designs. It comes with fully organized layered, separated shadows, and editable colors for easier customization.


3D Logo Mockups V.3

This pack also includes unique logo mockup designs featuring 3D effects.


Realistic 3D Logo Mockup


  • Fully Layered PSD
  • 2000×2000 px
  • Easy to edit
  • PDF Instructions file included


Envato 3D Logo Mockups


  • Fully Layered PSD
  • 2000×2000 px
  • Easy to edit
  • PDF Instructions file included


Free Download 3D Wall Logo Mockup PSD

Use this photorealistic hanging wall sign mockup to create a distinctive presentation for your next branding project.


3D Mockup For Logo

The popularity of the 3D logo designs are again on the rise, least in presentation. Download away the high resolution PSD mockup right now and move with to customize according to your requirements and whims to stand out from the crowd.

Password: thankyou


Realistic 3D Logo Mockups


3D Wall Logo MockUp #2

Showcase your logo as a wall mounted sign or just add depth to it with this photorealistic mock-up. The PSD file is complete layered and includes smart objects to make your work a breeze.

3D Text/Logo Effect PSD

Simple and jolly 3d logo mockup in psd for simple and easy use.


3D Wooden Logo MockUp

It includes several different styles, including metallic wall sign, wooden sign, burnt wooden sign, paint illustration, and more.


3D Logo Signage Wall Mock Up

Notice: All images & fonts are not include in 3D Logo Signage Wall Mock Up.


3D Outdoor Logo Mockup PSD


Download Free White 3D Font Logo Psd Mockup


Photorealistic 3D Logo Signage Mock-Ups

  • Present your logos or other works with photorealistic 3D views
  • 6 photorealistic presentations
  • Well organized layers and groups
  • Easy end fast editing via smart objects
  • 3000×2250 pixel resolution
  • This item comes with an User Manual


3D Logo Mockups Vol.2

5 High Quality Mockups, 100% Unique & Selfmade textures/patterns, Realistic Depth of Field, Layered and Customizable PSD File, Smart Objects, Clever File Compressing Techniques (only ~60mb).


3D Wall Logo MockUp

Show off your logo designs as a wall mounted sign using this free logo mockup template. The PSD is fully-layered and you can easily edit its smart objects to place your own design.


Embossed 3D Logo Mock-Up Template



Format: Layered PSD
Smart Objects: Yes 
Dimensions: 2300×1600 px
Minimum Photoshop Version: CS4
Size: 11.2 Mb


Leather Stamping Logo MockUp #2

Format: Layered PSD
Smart Objects: Yes 
Dimensions: 2200×1600 px
Minimum Photoshop Version: CS4
File Size: 6.7 Mb


Logo MockUps – Paper Edition

Format: Layered PSD
Smart Objects: Yes 
Dimensions: 2300×1472 px
Minimum Photoshop Version: CS3
File Size: 54.1 Mb


Wood Engraved Logo MockUp #2

Format: Layered PSD
Smart Objects: Yes 
Dimensions: 2300×1600 px
Minimum Photoshop Version: CS4
File Size: 10.6 Mb


Hi-Res, PSD, Realistic Logo Mockup Mock Up

Download 1 | Download 2

Realistic Logo Mockup (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Download 1 | Download 2


Ladyboss is a massive premade branding logo package with loads of logo, texture, and font variations.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Realistic 3D Logo Mockup (PSD) PSD download

just double click the smart-object layer named “YOUR LOGO HERE” and add your logo or text and save the.

Download Link

3D Wall Logo MockUp

One of the most beautiful high-quality mockup of 3D wall mounted sign. PSD file is available to easily customize.

Format: Layered PSD
Smart Objects: Yes
Dimensions: 4000×3000 px
Minimum Photoshop Version: CS4
Size: 105.9 Mb

Download File

Updated: 30 May, 2020

25+ refreshing nature wallpapers for your Smartphone

One of most favoured form of photography, especially with our mobile device is natural landscape photography. Just having a scenic trail, mountains and wood adds emotion to our routine life. So Natural wallpapers and landscape positive impact on human emotions. Sometimes you just remember that time of your trip, or you just want to visit some natural place. Nature is just calming and usually free of restrictions.

We have upload 30+ amazing images describe colorful creation of God. These wallpapers are completely free and there is no hidden fee or conditions to download any wallpaper. Every Nature lover download these superb collections of original photography like greenery and neutrality of forest, tree, plant and landscape colorful sky. All wallpapers are available in high resolution, so you can easily resize or fit on your smartphone or tablet.

Most of photos look like they come from alien planet or fantasy world. but it turns out our earth is capable of some truly wired and amazing stuff. Beautiful nature landscape wallpaper will make you feel better more relaxed. So today decorate your smartphone with astonishing natural wallpaper that feature wonderful landscape with alpine lakes and rocky shores.