OpenSignal: The Crowdsourced Network Map App

If there is one glaring lie in the mobile device industry it is the maps that the companies put out. Of course they are going to sell themselves as better than they are, but sometimes it is just downright crazy the claims they make. All of us have probably found ourselves in a position where we lose bars and drop a call in an area that was supposed to have great service. There is finally a way to truly tell the coverage, from a non-biased user supported interface, in an app called OpenSignal.

OpenSignal has had millions of downloads and users all over are using this app to give and receive information on network phone and data coverage. It is a priceless resource for those who need to know when their devices will actually work compared to when they simply won’t. The one thing this app didn’t cover until only a few days ago was the world of iPhone users. Now that bridge is gapped and both iPhone and Android users can rejoice in the world of OpnSignal.

The app isn’t just a useless network of information on signal strength though. The data is uses allows you to open a real time compass infused map which can enable you to walk towards, and pursue stronger signal strengths when you’re on the go and in need of better service. This means that if you’re cutting in and out or have an important email to send you can ensure it goes through without fail in a place where your network is stronger.

OpenSignal is a great app and is now available for both Android and Apple users. Phone networks are touchy and with this app you’ll never be frantically wandering around aimlessly for signals anymore.

Source: OpenSignal for Android | OpenSignal for iPhone

[Image Credit: Google Play Store | Apple iTunes Store]

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