The Top 5 Best Android Brain and Puzzle Games in the Google Play Store

Gaming and leisure on mobile devices is fast becoming the main alternative use for these machines. Here is a list of the top 5 brain and puzzle games in the Google Play Store. These games will not only help you pass the time, but will test your skills and knowledge in the process.

Amazing Alex :


From the creators of Angry Birds comes this great puzzle game called Amazing Alex. This is a puzzle game based around physics and everyday objects. You can use the objects to create chain reactions as they bounce, fall, tilt and crash into each other to create Rube Goldberg style links. This is a great game with over 100 levels of enjoyment for anyone from a child to an adult.

Where’s My Water :


With over 200 puzzles to solve this fun little cartoony app has hit the Google Play store by storm and has millions of downloads. You help Swampy the Alligator fix his plumbing issues so he can take a shower. The concept is slightly bizarre, but fixing the pipes and plumbing leads to a world of brain teasing and chin scratching adventure for people of all ages.

Devil Hunter :


This slightly spookier alternative to the childish games we’ve mentioned before has the same difficult puzzle aspect to it. This large developer brings Devil Hunter to the Google Play store and offers a puzzle situation where you need to utilize the on screen devices to hunt the devil and rid him from the town. The combination and placement of various tools is what the puzzles are composed of and with new weapon and levels to unlock along the way this puzzle game will keep you right on the edge the whole time.

WordFeud :


This online alternative to Scrabble, WordFeud is one of those classic timeless games that people will always love. The best part of this app is that you can play with someone on the same device, or have people connected to you from around the world to challenge in a match. The ability to play up to 30 games at once makes this truly the only game you’ll ever need if you love it. Increase your vocabulary and improve your spelling while getting smarter with WordFeud.

Sprinkle Free :


There aren’t many cuter guys hanging around puzzle games than the Titans from Sprinkle Free. These little guys come from the moon of Saturn and need your help in maintaing their massive water cannon. When tourists from Earth rudely crashed into the rings of Saturn a huge firestorm broke out and now it is our duty to help them put it out. Using the water cannon with shockingly realistic water physics you must help the Titans battle these blazes. Water isn’t unlimited so you must balance the mount you have with the precision of aiming and strategy.


[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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