Twitter #music: The New Music Discovery App for iPhone

Finding new music that you love these days from emerging artists can be difficult. Usually the only way this happens is from a friend of yours or someone you know who tends to devote hours to listening to awful tracks in hopes for a diamond in the rough. Although music services like IheartRadio, and Spotify are great for seeing what your friends like and maybe catching an occasional glimpse of a new artist you like, the real discovery of new music has been mostly lost in recent years. Twitter rolled out a new service recently to help people come across new emerging artists. The app is called #music and is now available only for iPhone users.

#music is simple in its function. It allows users to sign in and then be exposed to new musicians while hearing clips or excerpts from their iTunes songs or logging into another music service you can link to the full song. It is a very new and amazing way to come across actual new artists and not more top 40 mainstream people you will hear anyway. If you’re a music buff always edging for more new artists this app will be a huge benefit to you.

Not only does the music discovery end at that artist. In fact, if you find one that you like the possibility to stem off of that artist is built right into the app as well. You can see who that artist follows and branch out on your wave of new music from there, all while saving the ones you like to twitter or save them into your iTunes for later.

Only time will tell how successful this app will be, but as of now it looks to be a really innovative and interesting way of finding new music you like.

Source : Twitter #music App for iPhone

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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