OneTab: The Tab Saving, Importing and Exporting Extension for Chrome

If you’re like me there are simply times when you just need to have thirty tabs open for various projects or random things you were looking up and it gets to the point where you actually need every single one of those thirty. This creates an issue because sure, you can just bookmark them all for later, but that just means you’ll have to reopen them and have that time wasted. There is a great extension for Chrome which allows you to make this scenario easily solved. It is called OneTab. This extension allows you to save as many sets of tabs you have up in a browser as you want. The best part of this feature is that you can export them or import them from or to other browsers or services.

The main selling feature of this extension is that it saves incredible amounts of memory on your system. With a plethora of tabs open it’s like a drain of memory just going straight down the hole. If you use OneTab and save the tabs, but don’t have them all opened it can cut the memory usage by 95% usually. This means a faster load time and a faster computer in general.

This is a simple app, but the effects are pretty outstanding. The only thing that many other reviews have mentioned that I also noticed is the inability to export a single group of tabs. If you are going to export any sets of tabs you have to export every single set of saved tabs you have in the extension. This just makes it more complicated than it needs to be and mucks up the process. Almost positively there will be a fix for this sometime in the future.

Source: OneTab for Chrome

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  1. Hello.

    Take look on the original from which the OneTab borrow the idea of save combined with close.


    This idea alone is powerful, but with everything else that TabsOutliner can do it become 10 times more powerful.

    Note that TabsOutliner can also easily export tabs, as selectively as you want and easily control with whom – you export them just by drag and drop from the tree individual windows or complete hierarchies to the GoogleDoc. And then you can easily assign who will be able to see this you collections.
    And not only see, but edit, comment and change.

    Also the complete tree can be saved through main window as HTML file by Ctrl-S, and nodes can be imported back to the main view on other PC again, just by drag and drop.

    The tabs and windows can be unloaded also selectively, not all or nothing as this done in OneTab.

    + many other important features for any serious internet surfers, like ability to add notes to active and saved tabs, survive crashes, easily rearrange you collections even if they contain many thousand of tabs, mix open and saved items … .

    Unfortunately, no any serious capital behind this work, so for half a year in Chrome Web store, being regularly update and so on, it is gain only 20 000 users, when OneTab in 4 days after release rich 70 000, only because of the lifehacker publication. But this work is much more powerful, really recommend. Just see the reviews.

    1. And by the way, it was updated today to new version. Now it can save windows automatically on close if they contain any notes or remarks, or if the window is placed in some other node.

    2. Hey Valdyslav,

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been fiddling around with TabsOutliner for a little while now and I love it! It’s really amazing… Surely an improvement over OneTab. This is absolutely going to be the extension for me from here on out. Thanks for stopping by and dropping some knowledge. I’ll be posting up an updated post on how much better TabsOutliner is in a bit.


      Mark 🙂

      1. Cheers! ; )

        I am the developer, so if any question – just ask. Yet maybe better through the email (can be found in About window in TO : ) as this Disqus forum seems not post the notifications.

        Kind regards,

        PS even if you not write anything i am already delighted that this work can help somebody who need it : ) Really nice feeling.

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