Samsung Galaxy S4 Officially Shown to the Public

Well the long awaited and debated day finally arrived yesterday. Samsung held quite a gala event at the Radio City Music Hall, complete with dancers singers and a whole line up of professional and famous guests. Where Apple goes the route of relying on whoever the CEO is to take the stage in a professional conference style set up, Samsung went the way of making their release into a celebrity and party spectacle. All that matters now is that it’s here and although an official release date isn’t set in the books, it’s coming soon.

So here’s a little glimpse of what they were able to offer up for spoilers: The screen is set at 5”, which is slightly larger than the S3. This shows they’re going the bigger is better route and not the turning their backs to pushing the limits of smart phone sizing. The newest version of Android 4.2.2 “Jelly Bean” is also installed for the latest and greatest Android experience. Also, a nifty little feature which they announced will be the inclusion of a double simultaneous camera which allows recording from the front facing one and the rear for a double experience.

Another monumental step in this phone’s repertoire was the S translator. They showed it off by typing out questions in English which were instantly turned into Chinese and then back again seamlessly. It was quite an impressive show and accurate to boot.

At this point the specs are kind of a wash since essentially every aspect of the S4 is a notable improvement over the S3, and Samsung actually goes above and beyond by improving multiple aspects of their devices with each launch. The real news is that the S4 is coming and you can’t deny how exciting it is.

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