Nokia’s Exclusive “Man of Steel” Superman App for Windows Phone

If you, like everyone else out there, is eagerly awaiting the release of the hugely hyped Superman: Man of Steel movie then you’re in luck. This movie has been preceded by a nice little gem of an app and game made exclusively for Windows Phone users. Gone are the days where the native Android and iOS users have everything that Windows Phone users want, and now everyone without a Windows Phone is green with envy. This new game, Man of Steel, is right now exclusively available for Nokia Lumia devices on the Windows Phone Platform, but will probably have wider releases in the near future.

The game itself is great. Like the Iron Man 3 game app, it goes above and beyond what other game apps and especially niche, specific movie related apps have done in the past. Apparently, gone are the days of just attaching some trailers and pictures to an app and calling it a day. This Man of Steel app comes complete with great levels of exciting action combined with tons of unlock-able features and of course the inevitable trailers.

At the end of the day this app is really fun and a great way to get even more excited for the new Superman movie. The thrill of being Superman flying through the skies has never been so real as it is with this app. The game truly taps into, and harnesses the incredible potential of the Lumia device and the very powerful Windows Phone 8 drivers. Don’t wait to snatch this game up for free today.

Source: Man of Steel For Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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