Weather Station: A Direct Link to Weather on Your Home Screen

The apps involving weather on smart phones are hard to be revolutionary and worth downloading. Let’s face it, weather is literally the most obvious part of our day and can be figured out from looking out a window. Sometimes though, waking up and looking at your phone with the curtains still over the windows you want to know how to prepare yourself for the real world. This is where Weather Station comes in, functioning in a way that no other apps can.

Most people think of smart phones as gaming and appointment setters for their daily lives. People often overlook the incredibly useful world of widgets and apps for things they never even knew they could access on a smart phone. Weather is one of those things. Most of us have a stock app for weather that usually updates too slowly, gets bogged down when you really want to use it, or just offers incredibly useless and wrong information. Weather station avoids all of those things and works incredibly well.

This app was specially designed for the newest line of smart phones that are hitting the market. As we all know these crazy devices are becoming more so versions of every other gadget we have around and now the Samsung Galaxy S4 is capable of temperature, humidity and pressure sensing all in it’s own technology. This creates a whole new level of accuracy and customization with a smart phone independent of getting data from a weather site.

Although the S4 is the only phone with that kind of technology included in the device, the app is still a great weather app, and probably one of the best for any kind of handset without those built in sensors. If you ever need to check the weather make sure you check out this app and see all of the great features it carries. Especially if you have a Galaxy S4 you owe it to yourself to see what this app is capable of harnessing within your handset’s own technology.

Source: Weather Station for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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