Never Fear! Anti-Theft Apps for Android are Here!

Smartphones are the hottest piece of technology on the market today. People love the options, accessories and model variability of Android devices, but not everyone can afford them. So what do you get when there is a heavy influx of both popularity and high prices? BINGO, theft!

This is a list of the best anti theft apps for your Android device. These will keep your Android device safe and sound in the warm confines of your hands, and not the cold, prying fingers of some thief.


This is a powerhouse of an anti theft app. Imagine that security guard at the mall; that’s your average anti theft app. Now imagine a helicopter filled with burly guys in all black, waiting to repel onto a rooftop; that’s Cerberus. It does require a bit more effort than most apps, but it’s worth it. There’s a two part concept behind this app. The online portion of this app prompts the user to register, and upon completion provides the SMS codes which can be used to remotely monitor and control your Android device. If your device is stolen you can go online and have an arsenal of methods to safely find or recover your device. You’ll feel like a spy being able to remotely set off alarms, delete memory (internal and SD), locate, track, record audio, and even get lists of calls and texts made.


“Anti Theft Alarm”

If you find yourself accidentally walking away from a table in a coffee shop only to get to the counter and realize you don’t have your Android device then this is the app for you. This app allows an alarm to be set and only be stopped if the PIN is entered. Any unfortunate thief would be caught off guard and surely abandon the plight. This is also a great app if your “thief” is your young child who likes to take Android devices when not allowed.


“Prey Anti-Theft”

Prey Anti-Theft is another high performing app for Android devices along the lines of Cerberus. This is another app that will give you piece of mind knowing you can track the location from GPS or Wi-Fi if your device is ever stolen.  This app also allows SIM change detection if your Android device that has been stolen is your phone. Another great bonus of this app is that it is open source and cross platform, allowing for maximum bug detection and better, expansive updates.


There are large amounts of anti theft apps for Android out there, but these are some of the best available for Android and the Google Play Store. Rest assured knowing your Android device can be safe or recovered with these apps. These are the best protection for your Android device.

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