Estimated Time of Arrival? No Problem with Twist: The Android Location Tracking App

The world runs around time tables. Waiting on a friend or coworker can be stressful. Not knowing how soon they will get there or how late they might be simply complicates plans. Everyone has that one unpredictable friend who is either 20 minutes early or an hour late. There is finally an app for that! Twist is an app available for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

Twist tracks the location of a user and relays the information only to people that the user selects. This is not only a great convenience for not having to mindlessly wait on people when they are supposedly on their way, but quite a safety feature for those who commute and are forced to call or send messages while on the road. The app also allows detection for the mode of transportation: walking, driving, or using public transportation. This can give the other users a better idea of when to actually expect that person.

With our modern world of fast paced everything waiting is the last thing we want to do. Twist allows an incredibly relevant solution to the problem of waiting on others. The interface of the app looks almost like it came from the world of iOS, but sure enough is an Android app. The bottom line: this app really works great and has a huge array of possible applications. Once it takes off the usefulness will spread to many forms of delivery and service jobs as well. Save yourself the safety hazards of texting and driving and the possible fines that come with that danger, and tell your friends how soon you will actually be there with Twist, for Android.


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