Mickey Video For iOS Is Here

Hot on the heels of Where’s My Mickey, Disney has released a new app for Mickey Mouse lovers, Mickey Video! Mickey Video is a great app that offers the latest videos and news about Mickey Mouse and his friends, including Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy. After starting the app, you can choose to view videos related to any of these charming characters or browse by category. Unlike many other apps, there is no need to register or tie the app to some other login before using it. The app is fully unlocked and you can start watching immediately.

Mickey Video is divided into a series of playlists by category and by character. You can of course watch plenty of videos starring Mickey Mouse or check out some recommendations from Disney in the ‘Featured Videos’ section. Each character also has their own page with detailed playlists, just tap the character icon and you’ll be taken to their section. There is a wonderful selection of newer videos along with all time classics that will leave many wishing for the good old days. If you love a certain playlist, you can tap the little heart shaped icon above it to add it to a list of favorites. You can then access this collection at any time by tapping the favorites button.

Disney has promised to provide seasonal updates, so there will be new videos to look forward to. You can also access plenty of Disney information through the app which links to Disney’s official site. Mickey Video is available now on iTunes for free on all iOS devices. Try it and rediscover the joys of Mickey and his friends.

Source: Mickey Video for iOS

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