Great Free Android Apps For Kids

In a world filled with smartphones and tablets, kids are bound to be interested in the latest technology that mom and dad are always glued to. Instead of keeping your fancy device from the kids, try these fun and creative apps that will keep your kids occupied for hours. They just might learn something along the way.

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw


This is one of the best drawing apps aimed at kids on Google Play. It has options to draw with several brushes from neon rainbow to crayon, or more traditional painting styles on a blank canvas. Kids can draw over photos, make short animations with ‘movie’ mode, view their art in a saved gallery, or share it with friends and family via social networks. It’s a wonderful way to let your kids explore the world of art and dabble in animation.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite


This is a great app for young children just beginning to learn about numbers and basic math. It helps kids learn to count up to 20, with addition, subtraction, match, and comparison. The app speaks many of the numbers aloud to aid learning and comes with mini-games to make the math fun.

How to make Paper Airplanes


A great app for slightly older kids, this one has an amazing variety of designs for paper airplanes from simple to complex. It guides you at each step in the process with helpful 3D folding animations. It’s a fantastic way to explore geometry and spatial reasoning.



A popular app that provides a bunch of illustrated children’s books, with new books added frequently. Each book comes with an audio track that can read the book aloud for the child. There is a great range of books from classic fairy tales and animal stories to educational books.



HomeWork is a helpful organization aid for kids to keep on track with their schoolwork. It comes with a variety of features including the ability to add homework assignments, exams, etc. and view them on a daily or weekly schedule where they can be checked off when done. You can even integrate it with your local school’s website or contact information.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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