Windows 8.1 People And Calendar App Leaks

With the release of Windows 8.1 not far away, users are itching to view the latest changes and features that will be introduced. Microsoft has teased several working versions of the updated apps for Windows 8.1 but are still keeping a lot of it under wraps. The latest information leak is here and reveals some subtle changes to a few familiar apps, most notably People and Calendar.


The People app has undergone a major facelift to bring it more in line with the look of Windows 8. If you don’t use People, it’s the Windows 8 app for managing contacts and works like any other contacts organizer. Microsoft has thoughtfully added some helpful features and made the overall appearance much cleaner. A big change is the addition of a search bar within People, so you can instantly search for any relevant information stored there. There have been improvements to the name filter too, making it easier to search and find the right person and view their contact info.


So far the Calendar app is mostly unchanged but will probably undergo a few small design adjustments before Windows 8.1 is released. It is rumored that it will have a new feature called ‘What’s Next’ which will organize your latest appointments and scheduling changes and display them for you in a convenient layout. This should be great if you want to quickly see what’s coming up in your schedule.

Microsoft is definitely taking the Windows 8.1 update seriously, trying to address some of the criticisms of Windows 8. If they keep up the good work, Windows 8.1 will be an interesting release indeed.

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