2013: The Best April Fools Jokes in Technology, Right Here

Google :

One of the first April Fools jokes cashed in early this morning as the clock just rolled over. Google Nose hit the web and people went crazy. It’s easily recognizable as too insane to be true, but the gag was so well planned and had such a Google level of marketing that it was far more believable than it should have been. I’m sure it left more than one person sniffing around for this new technology.

They then later came back to the jokes when they revealed Gmail Blue. This supposedly revolutionary new email service, a revamp of their classic, was supposed to be just a new way to use Gmail that would be improved but the only thing different about it is that everything is blue. Blue buttons, links and themes, that’s it.

For the third of Google’s April Foolery check out the home page of their infamous searches. The I’m feeling lucky bar has been changed into a rolling index of alternate phrases such as “I’m feeling playful”, “I’m feeling hungry”, and “I’m feeling artistic”. Just another small touch for Google to get their laughs in.

Bing :


Head over to Bing as your search engine and do a quick search for Google. This often performed search makes the Bing page into a Bing version of the Google search page. It’s a small little gag but one worth a chuckle.

Microsoft :


Microsoft played a dirty trick today in their Windows Phone app store. As we have blogged about on numerous occasions, the Windows Phone is one of the very few devices that doesn’t have Instagram compatibility. While they are being left to the dinosaurs on this they decided to make fun of their own short comings and announce the release of a fake Instagram for download. Although this isn’t even funny for people who really want the app, fans of Android and iOS who have Instagram are probably pointing and laughing even more now.



Twitter started out strong with a ridiculous ploy to attempt to fool the feeble this morning as well. They announced a service for their users that would include a free version of “Twttr” the service we know and love but without the use of vowels, and a paid premium service of regular Twitter that would allow the use of vowels. Twitter made a new official statement teasing its users to begin practicing tweeting without vowels with the hashtag #nvwls.

Luckily for our loyal fan base over here at TechnoBB we like you guys so much that we aren’t going to throw you for a loop. We are announcing happily that given the success of the site in recent months we are adding a new service. This will be called TechnoBB’s Babies. It’s a new feature we’re proud of that will integrate our love for technology with our love for babies. This service will feature members to view the latest and greatest technology updates with featured pictures of a new, cute bundle of joy each day…. April Fools. We’ll stick to technology thank you very much.

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