iTunes 11 – Now Loaded With New Awesome Features

Have you upgraded to the Apple’s latest take on the iTunes version a yet? This latest upgrade has been the most anticipated revamp that offer users with a completely new feel and look, and you are going to love it for sure! Let’s take a look at some of the top and new awesome improvements of the features.

You don’t Like A Makeover?

It is more like a nerdy child with the big specs and overalls has been able to get lenses and some amazing outfits. Less leaner and utilitarian, the iTunes 11 version offers airier, attractive design that puts the entire content in the center and front. The static sidebar at the left side has been greatly ditched in favor of of hot buttons with a drop-down menu option, and the latest grid of album art totally opens up as you click over to display the list of songs. Moreover, if you do not find this visually oriented layout exciting, you can easily revert to the older version to check out the column viewing by simply tapping over the ‘songs’. Similarly, the iTunes store had a makeover as well, so it should offer a steady and reliable feel all across your gadgets, devices or not.

Stream with iCloud

This is more of a buzz it has been about. The upgraded iTunes 11 version gets bigger as the iCloud feature has been integrated into it, which plays out as it is: considering that you are in one of your albums and also listening to the 2 or 3 different songs you actually own.  In the earlier times, you would prefer to browse through the iTunes store to check the rest of the songs that are made available on the specific album or simply buy them, however; with iTunes 11 upgrade,  the title names simply populate right in your library.

Thus if you have already made the purchase regarding the songs, you can easily download or stream them within the same window, and in case you have not, yo an always buy or preview the other tunes with just a click.

Being precise, you do not have to kill your music practice for your shopping experience. This happens to be a primary advantage, however there is always a disadvantage as well. While you are considering getting or buying just one track, you need to see the other confusion, no less than in the default view. You can revert to the column layout, nevertheless you will be ignoring the album art look.

Even so, it still happens to be an important win, particularly for all such videos who require GBs’ to run.

You Can Set Up Your Lists Fast With Up Next!

Playlists are now treated as an old thing. Now you get to have ‘Up Next’, which is a completely new approach to organizing your preferred music that you want to listen to anytime and anywhere you want. You can have a temporary Up Next list of your preferred songs and put them on auto play without even creating a totally new list, and you even do not have to wait for the current song to wind it down before setting the next track or building a new list. Of course, you will be able to playlists for track groupings that you prefer keeping  for long, but now the upgrade makes it easier to set.

–  Mini Player

The mini player becomes super handy and kind of cute. The mini player is more of an iTunes’ compact player, with simpler design that exposes more controls concerning the features like Pause, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward by simply a mouse click. Moreover, you can easily search directly within this compact player, and manage your Up Next track list without pulling up the full iTunes display.

–  Search Anything You Want!

As you will be able to search through your Mini Player, it certainly is a great pro, but improvised search results are even better. A list will come up, as you start typing, with specific results featuring the artwork, which is further classified b Apps, Podcast, Songs, Albums, Artists and a lot more.

If you have not upgraded to the iTunes 11 version, you can do it with ease by browsing through the your Mac’s Software Update tool or the Mac App Store, or upgrading the current iTunes application. It is certainly going to enhance your user experience!

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