The Fantastical Mac Calender Application Now Available For iPhone Users

One of the most popular and well-liked OS X calendar, ‘Fantastial’ app has been released for the iPhone users on Thrusday.

The app has been integrated with most of the similar features as the Mac version of the application offers, the Fantastical app makes keeping up with both your home and work life extremely easy to do.

You will get to notice a DayTicker at the top of your screen while you are making use of the app, which enables users to swipe through their upcoming calendar. Every single date shows a small visual illustration of what you have actually planned for the particular day, with particular events that are listed below on the specific day you have already marked.

Once you pull down the DayTicker right from the top of your screen, you will be able to view the calendar fully. Sporting a view to some extent is very much same as of the Apple’s built in calendar app, the calendar month view has dots that are shown on the dates you have scheduled an event on, and the display becomes more details which show details regarding the events you already have.

The most interesting and amazing feature the app offers to its users is perhaps the voice scheduling competences. It is pretty much the same as you are interacting with the Apple’s Siri, the Fantastical app’s original language processor enable users to only mention it while you are considering scheduling a meeting or event in order to do so. You can even specific some of the reoccurring events such as birthdays of your loved ones or meetings that you want to schedule as well.

The app supports a natural and original language engine, which certainly makes it an intelligent and smart note take that is completely capable of understanding days of the week, holidays, different locations, events and a lot more.

Fantastical app incorporates well with the calendars you are already making use on your iOS gadget, such as the Google Calendar and Exchange. Thus, all you have to do here to get started is simply by downloading the application from the App Store. The Fantastical app for your iOS is available now. For sure, it is going to enhance your user experience to a great deal. You will greatly be able to schedule your events as per your needs and requirements.

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