Windows Blue The Future Operating System With Annually Updates

Technology and softwares are being revolutionized day by day and daily a new product hits the market. Windows 8 is newly launched but Microsoft is making efforts to initiate its new Operating System. By the word new Operating System we consider that it will be windows 9 but Microsoft has named its new Operating System as ‘WINDOWS BLUE’. Microsoft has declared to launch a new Operating System Windows Blue in the mid of 2013. Few years back in 2009, windows 7 was launched and in the mid of 2012 windows 8 was launched and now a new update to the OS is planned and is now in progress. After windows blue will be initiated, Microsoft has decided to update the OS after every 12 months. This point about the update has created a panic and controversy among the people. The main reason for this early update is to race with the competitors in the market.

As far as the description of this Operating System is concerned, it is not clearly indicated till now. But according to the sources:-

  • It is a software which everyone can utilize and install at a minimum of price or completely for free unlike the earlier versions of the Windows. Microsoft is following the pattern of apple.
  • Just like the other software upgrades, it could easily be upgraded and it’s no cost will ensure the update to almost everyone.
  • It is user friendly software.
  • The most remarkable improvement and important feature of this operating system will be, that it will have the UI facility which any of the earlier windows phone did not have.
  • Windows 8 and windows phone 8 SDKS will be mixed. That shows that the applications that are used for windows 8 will also be used to run in windows blue.

In the end, there are still many rumors and controversies that are associated with this launch. But we expect Microsoft to always come up with something much better than the previous. Near future will provide us with a clear understanding of it.

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