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iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs, Rumors

With the flagship iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus having launched in September and the year steadily treading into summer, it is very likely that Apple will be making some announcements soon about the next version of the ever popular iPhone. For now, it’s mostly speculation and rumors but those have been pretty close before, so why not engage in them for some fun? Some features, specifically Force Touch, in the recently released Apple Watch strongly hint that they will make their way to the next iPhone. Also up for debate is whether Apple will choose to call the latest revision the iPhone 6S as it has for every previous model, or jump to calling it the iPhone 7.


First, what can be reasonably confirmed is that the next iPhone will feature Force Touch on every model. They already have it in the Apple Watch and it’s a fairly significant feature, so why not include it in the next iPhone? It will also have a faster, upgraded A9 processor and run the new iOS 9. These are all expected to be announced in the next several months in the build up to the actual release. The general design of the iPhone will very likely remain unchanged.


Now, for the rumors that are very possible but not yet confirmed, the iPhone might receive a modest camera upgrade to 12-megapixels, feature gesture controls, have a special rose gold edition, and a possible iPhone 6C budget edition. These are much more speculative rumors but are again very possible with the next iPhone. The actual release date is not confirmed either but going by past Apple releases, it’s a good bet that the next version will be actually released in September 2015, about a year after the iPhone 6 release.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your iPhone or switch over from another phone, the wait may soon be over. Apple rarely goes a year or more without significant updates so expect some interesting news about iOS 9 and the next iPhone over the summer.

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