iOS7 Parallax Live Wallpaper for Android

Don’t let the name confuse you, iOS7 Parallax Live Wallpaper is a new app that brings a very cool 3D effect to your Android device. Whenever you tilt or roll the device, the device wallpaper shifts with each movement and gives the illusion of being in 3D. This effect was shown in Apple’s latest demos of their upcoming iOS7 release but you can have the feature on your Android device today!

The app comes with a great set of stock backgrounds to choose from but there is an amazing feature to allow you to use your own images as well. Anything you can dream of can be made into a 3D wallpaper for your device from photos to original artwork. The app has plenty of customization features to control how visible the 3D effect is and how responsive it is to your gyroscope and device movements. If you feel that the effect is too much or too subtle, not responsive enough or overly jumpy, all of that can be tweaked in the settings menu. You can even control the image zoom if you only want a part of it shown or the original image is too small for the background. The image can also be locked to match screen rotation if you prefer.

If you’ve seen the Apple demo of the 3D wallpaper feature and were feeling envious as an Android user, it’s your lucky day. Now you can have the effect before iOS7 is even released. iOS7 Parallax Live Wallpaper is on the Google Play store now for $1.40 and works on all Android devices 2.3 and higher.

Source: iOS7 Parallax Live Wallpaper for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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