Work Out With Fitness Check-up for Android

Have you ever been sitting around, playing with your Android device and wondered how fit you are? Now you can get a good idea with Fitness Check-up for Android, a fitness and exercise app. Fitness Check-up comes with a series of 11 different fitness tests to assess your overall fitness level. The test types include : Flexibility, Balance, Body Core, Strength, Capacity for effort, Muscle Tone, Explosiveness, Pulse at rest, Body mass index, Body fat index and Reaction speed. At first, you are limited to 6 tests but as you complete these, an additional 5 are unlocked. When you first start, you must specify some data including your weight, height, age, and gender so that the app can more accurately monitor your fitness.

Once you’ve entered that data, just choose a test type and follow the directions. You’ll be asked to perform the appropriate fitness test or measurement. On some of the tests that cannot be directly measured, you will be asked to input your performance manually. Once you’re done, you can view an analysis of your results which gives you an idea of how fit you are for your body type and age. Your performance will be tracked and scored so that you can view your progress over time. There is a Check Up section as well which has a nice chart showing your scores across all 11 tests and is a great way to quickly check your overall fitness at a glance. You can also compare results over social media and compete with friends.

The app includes a fun extra feature that monitors your heart rate via the rear camera on your device. You simply hold a finger over the camera and it will detect your heart rate and display it in beats per minute. This feature is only available on certain exercises but it can be a lot of fun.

Get up and test your fitness with Fitness Check-up for Android, available now for free on Google Play.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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