CPU-Z : A Powerful System Profiler For Android

If you ever wanted some detailed information on the innards of your Android device, CPU-Z is the perfect app. The beta version has hit the Google Play store and is free and works on all devices running Android 3.0 or higher. CPU-Z is a popular desktop app that profiles your PC and gives stats on everything from processor make and model to RAM, motherboard, and display data. Now the Android version brings that same level of detail to your Android device. It’s a great tool for those who might consider overclocking their device or who just want to know exactly what goes on under the hood.

CPU-Z comes with four tabs including SOC (System on a Chip), System, Battery, and Sensors. SOC gives information on the device’s main chip including name, architecture, number of cores, chip size, clock speed, and GPU details. The System tab shows RAM, display information, board, display, manufacturer, and internal memory statistics. Battery shows information on the type of battery, temperature, and its charge status. Sensors is one of the most fun and shows real time sensor data from all available sensors on the device like the accelerometer, compass, and light sensors. You can twist and turn the phone and watch the data stream in and change with each movement.

This is still a beta version and there is no option to view network or data connection statistics but that could very well be added in the future. For overclocking enthusiasts or for those who love to know every last detail about their device, you can’t go wrong with CPU-Z.

Source: CPU-Z App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]


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