Google Shuts Down A Local Shopping Store Service In China

Google has been pulling it out from the search market in the region of China since 2010, and now it has shut another service as well. The shutting down of the shopping search service has been lately shut down in China.

The Google’s official blog stated that the company is to make a superior effort to ‘better optimize its resources’ as the grounds for the closure of the service. The primary objective of the service was to serve the users as a bridge between different consumers and traders and retailers, but it did not really meet the prospects. The closure becomes effective from December 12th, 2012.

Google apparently did not take note of the fact that it still remains committed to helping out the Chinese citizens considering exporting their goods internationally, and the Google Shopping service in various other markets should still be accessible to the Chinese customers.
Google’s shopping site closure even brings down the music service in the Chinese region back in September, 2012.

On the other hand, the fact cannot be denied that Google has been maintaining pretty troubling terms with the Chinese government. Back in November, only for a short period of time, accessing to nearly all the Google services such as, Google Maps, Gmail were restricted by the Chinese government.

As it becomes more predictable, Google’s move out from China has greatly impacted its current market share. The search engine service, which reroutes to servers back in the Hong Kong region, which presently stands in the 4th place and the mapping services rank at the mark of 6.

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