How To Protect Your Android Phone From Virus – 5 Best App On Google Play

Security issues for Android devices keep showing up in the news just about every single day, from various malicious apps making their way to the Google Play Store to mobile based malware spreading through SMS. Although, Android is an Operating System which is easy to use and flexible has now been made available a large number of devices,. This has made the mobile or the virus threat landscape more imperative for users to install additional security features on their devices.

You will get basic security features such as auto-lock or password protection on your device by default. For this you do not require any app. However, do not stop over here. To prevent viruses, you can opt for anti-virus apps that offer enhanced password protection with numerous other vital options.

Following are the 5 Best apps you will find on a Google Play Store to protect your Android phones from viruses:

AVG Anti-Virus :

This app is useful in scanning all settings, apps, media, files in real-time, blocks access to malicious portals, guards against any sorts of Phishing attacks, kills tasks that freeze or slow down the device. It also enables users to easily locate their stolen or lost device through Google Maps. Users can even lock their phones remotely with a customized lock screen message displayed and make the phone ring even if it is on the silent mode.
The AVG Antivirus application is available for free. However, the Pro version costs only $9.99 which offers some vital features such as storage and battery optimization, along with the feature to secure the apps fro being accessed by others using your device and creating backups.


Lookout Security & Antivirus :

A great app you should opt for as soon as you buy an Android device. The Lookout security and antivirus app has been made available in two different categories, and that is a free and a Paid account.
With the free account, users can scan their devices for malware, restore their data online, create backups, use the GPS feature to locate their gadget.
The Paid version costs $3 monthly and $30 yearly, offering wiping and remote locking capabilities.


Dr. Web Anti-Virus Light :

The Dr.Web Anti-virus Light app happens to be an exceedingly reliable and consistent approach to protecting your Android phone from several kinds of threats/viruses. The app has been integrated with the most advanced virus detection as well as neutralization technologies. Users can check their phones with the help of the implemented scanner feature and can efficiently neutralize the detected viruses.


Anti-virus Free :

The Antivirus Free app offers users with features that come in as a complete mobile security package. It provides real-time protection against viruses and keeps your device secure from the latest viruses and threats by cross-referencing newly released apps that are installed on your device with an up-to-date database of well-known malicious apps.


TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security :

The app offers users with scheduled or on-demand scans on the devices and also on the SD card to locate and remove Trojans, spyware, malware and viruses. Secured App Finder Engine feature of the app is useful in finding and downloading apps that are marked as safe. The app also offers alerts while the user browses to any malicious portal, and can easily manage and monitor their device’s usage,  memory and batter consumption.


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