The Version 18 of Firefox Does Not Supports Animated Theme

Firefox is a popular web browser in the world and a great number of people rely on it. It has been declare by the Firefox developers recently that their latest version will not support background-animated themes known as ‘Persona’ as they were available on the previous versions of Firefox. According to them, the reason behind this change is that the animated themes affect the overall browsing experience as the browsing speed becomes slow. This happens because animated themes are very heavy on graphics, have very large pixels and size and it takes a lot of time to load them. On the other hand, many people find these animations attractive and they consider it a unique feature in Firefox. It enhances the browser and makes it eye-catching. This is the reason Firefox provided this feature to its browsers on the previous versions. People could easily download different themes before and for free. Now this feature is not available with the new Firefox and this change is made so that users can surf the web with better speed and improved performance.

However, Firefox people explains, targeting their animated theme fans, that they are working on finding a solution to this problem and that they are striving to find a way to bring back the animated themes to its browser with no compromise on speed. They have also told that before they come up with the solution, their animated theme fans can still benefit from this feature by downloading an add-on called Personas Shuffler. This will keep the animated themes moving without being stuck and it will support the animated themes quite well. Users can still download themes and beautify their browser in the way they like.

Firefox values their user benefits and they will definitely come up with an update that will please all its users.

Soruce: Firefox Blog

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