Google & Motorola to come up with ‘X Phone’ in 2013

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google and Motorola are together working on a Smartphone device that is given a codename ‘X Phone’, which is to be launched next year. Google purchased Motorola for $12.5 in May to work on the X Phone. It has also been reported that the device will be a big hit with most advanced and amazing features developed in the partnership of Google and Motorola. Although, there is not much information revealed about the device specifications up till now but it is said that the device will give competition to the world’s largest Smartphone’s developers, the Apple and Samsung. The team working on the device comprises of many efficient people and is lead by Lion Ron who has worked on Google maps and he is now involved in the X Phone project. After the launch of X Phone,

Google and Motorola will also work on the X Tablet. X Phone will have revolutionary features with most significance given to the camera enhancement. Gesture and facial identification will be another great feature of the device. Year 2013 will see a revolution in the Smartphone after the launch of X Phone. Motorola engineers are striving hard to develop a device that is enhanced in performance and also has improved external body of the phone. They have used different materials like ceramic, in order to give a stronger external body to the phone that will be indestructible.

It’s now only a few days left in the New Year and shortly the time will unfold whether or not Google and Motorola will be able to give competition to the existing masters of Smartphone’s, the Apple and the Samsung. The world will see the revolution in the mobile technology in the coming year.

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