Ginger: Grammar and Spelling Fixing Keyboard for Android

We all have a keyboard on our phones these days. Sometimes the tiny little mashed together letters lead us to overlook punctuation or spelling that otherwise we should fix. Sometimes this isn’t important, if texting your friend or personal acquaintance, but if you use your phone to write important notes, text or email important people, or just don’t want to look like an uneducated slob to certain people then Ginger is the app for you.

Phone keyboards always come with that auto-correct spelling function, but grammar has always been overlooked. The days of using phones for simple texting is over. These days phones are more and more becoming actual portable computers and the content we write on them is less restricted to one letter abbreviations to words and more suited for writing full text articles and emails when on the go. When that is the desired use grammar is now just as important as spelling. Ginger is the first keyboard app to be able to see and recognize the grammatical errors in a string of text and offer replacements with a simple touch.

Ginger is a very intelligent app. Since it is a keyboard the content that you write in any place whether a text, social media, email, or word processor can be looked over by Ginger. No more spotty, unprofessional looking email typos with Ginger on your side. You can now take full advantage of typing or creating content on the go and not worry about frivolous typos and grammatical errors popping up. We all know how hard it can be to push exactly the spot we need to in a text to edit a letter or put in a comma. There’s no more messing around with that kind of time wasting activity with Ginger, the grammar and spelling fixing keyboard installed on your device.

Google Play: Grammar and Spelling Fixing Keyboard for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]


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