PlayTo Beta Released for Windows Phone 8

It should be mentioned first and foremost that this is the Beta release of the PlayTo app, and in the app itself it says that it is not product quality. This means that it is still under development and the programming is still in process. That being said the PlayTo app has been a staple with DLNA capable devices ever since it was first introduced by Nokia. Lately there has been a pretty large upswing in the app development and app release world for Windows 8 phones. This might be a trend showing the advancement of these devices in the smart phones market, but only time will tell.

The PlayTo app works as a link to your device’s media. Once the app is installed, in this instance on your Windows Phone 8, then the app can access all of your media, pictures, videos, music etc. Once it has access to these they can be transferred wireless to any other DLNA capable device such as a tv, computer, gaming system or other media player. This wireless link is amazing to have since in this day and age anything wireless has made anything with wires obsolete.

One of the main limitations of this beta version is that it cannot be connected to a PS3 just yet. This lack of use as a digital media server is not the only fault either. There is also only local music streaming capability thus far which means you can only play music to other devices from what is physically stored on your phone, not streaming. That being said the PlayTo app still works great for what it does and like I mentioned earlier, is still in development and will surely have these issues resolved and much more added before the official market version is released. The main news is that PlayTo has finally been integrated to Windows Phone 8 and that just shows Nokia’s engagement to the OS.

Windows Phone Store: Play to App

[Image Credit: Windows Store]

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