Lux Auto Brightness: The Automatically Adjusting Comfort in Lighting

Lux is an app that I have been waiting for for a long time. Tons of computers and mobile devices have those tiny little light sensors for one reason or another on the front, but rarely they seem to be utilized to the extent that they should. There is finally an app, Lux Auto Brightness, which takes that little sensor and makes it have a big, useful role.

We’ve all found ourselves in that position where you’re using your device either late at night or early in the morning and the screen is just too obnoxiously bright. It’s like staring into the sun after living in a cave for a few months. Sometimes even just in a dimly lit room the glaring glow of a smart phone screen can be blinding. This is where Lux comes in. The app will automatically detect the level of outside light and adjust it to make it much more comfortable to look at. If it is incredibly bright outside, it will pump up the output to make the screen visible, but if it is dark, then the screen will dim to make it easier on the eyes.

Not only does this light adjustment make it less harsh on your eyes and reduce the strain that you’ve been suffering from all of this time, but it also helps to conserve your battery. Most of the time I think we can all agree that the screen on our phones is too bright. Now it doesn’t have to be and that wasted battery life can be saved for other actually useful purposes.

Lux also has a little test drive feature which is perfect for those who want it, but want to try it out first. This is a luxury that is basically impossible to find with paid apps. This is particularly important for this app because the light sensor on phones or devices isn’t exactly the big selling point and sometimes the performance is sub par. If you try this app out and realize your sensor simply isn’t up to the job of what you need it detection wise, you have fifteen minutes to just say, forget about it and get a full refund. That is ample time to play around and see if Lux is right for you.

Google Play: Lux Auto Brightness for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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