Gangstar Vegas For iOS And Android, A GTA Clone From Gameloft

Take a crime ridden journey through Sin City with Gangstar Vegas from popular mobile games studio Gameloft. In Gangstar Vegas, you play an ex-MMA fighter caught up in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas. You’ll need to perform many criminal acts as you explore the vast city and its casinos. The game is an open-world sandbox with an enormous area to explore and a variety of settings and buildings to complete the picture of a bustling Las Vegas. Most of the buildings are inspired by real Vegas landmarks and it’s not very difficult to tell. The game features a strong soundtrack with better than expected voice acting throughout.

As a former MMA fighter, you’ll have the ability to deal out some vicious martial arts moves to enemies. Of course you’ll also have access to a ridiculous amount of weapons and vehicles to bring even more mischief to the city. This being a GTA clone, you will have a bunch of set missions to complete to advance the story mode, or you can freely explore the world and do whatever you like. There is a lot to occupy your time, including many addictive casino mini-games which highlight the Vegas setting.

Gangstar Vegas is available now for both iOS and Android for $6.99. Be warned however, it is a very large download at 2.5GB so make sure you have enough space to spare if you choose to get it. If you’ve been itching for a GTA experience on a mobile device, this is the closest thing yet. Check it out if you’re into the GTA brand of mayhem.

Source: Gangstar Vegas for Android | iOS

[Image Credit: Gameloft]


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