Where’s My Mickey? Now For Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Disney has released the latest version of their popular Where’s My? series with Where’s My Mickey?, featuring Mickey Mouse of course! If you’ve never played any games in the series, the objective is usually to lead a splashy volume of water to some underground goal through pipes and obstacles. Where’s My Mickey? adds to the formula with many new obstacles and mechanics and takes the action above ground for the first time ever. The major change is the addition of clouds which can be controlled with wind and can make rain. These powers can also affect special plants that are featured in many of the new levels. There are some new things that can be done with the traditional water and in some levels, you will need to change its color.

The levels are all carefully designed and a lot of fun and feature trademark Disney characters. There are many secret levels and hidden extras to be found throughout the app to keep you coming back. You can also purchase some extra, more difficult Goofy levels for an additional fee. The tablet version comes with 20 additional levels custom made for larger screens with bigger and harder puzzles. Both versions will also have more episodes added in the near future as Mickey animated shorts are released.

The art is great with a strong Mickey and Disney theme throughout. There are fun introduction animations to begin each level and introduce the story for that section. Once you get the water to the goal, there are additional fun animations as a reward. Where’s My Mickey? is available now on Windows Phone Store($0.99) and the tablet version is on the Windows Store ($4.99). Don’t miss this experience if you’re a Mickey fan.

Source: Where’s My Mickey? for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]


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