Bing Translator Now For Windows 8/RT

Bing Translator has arrived for Windows 8 and RT devices. Originally available on Windows Phone only, the app is a dedicated translation machine with pretty incredible augmented reality features. Bing translator can translate between 40 languages and offers downloadable language packs for translating without a data connection. This is useful for travelers who might find themselves without reliable internet access or who don’t have the time to set up their own connection while abroad. It’s also handy for cutting down on data usage if that is a problem.

There are a couple of ways to use Bing translator. The first is simply typing the text in the original language that you want to translate and then selecting the language that you want it to be translated to. You can choose default input and output languages or easily swap them on the fly. The other, very sleek feature is camera translation that features augmented reality overlays. You simply point the camera of your device at the text you want to translate and the app automatically overlays the translated text on top of it. Even if you change the orientation of the device, the app adjusts and shows the text exactly as it would appear in view. The competing translation app from Google forces you to manually highlight the text from a camera so this feature is a major advantage for Bing Translator.

Another great feature is using Bing Translator for text from other apps or the web. Bing Translator can be accessed using the Share menu and very easily provides translation for any Windows app that might need it.

Bing Translator is available on the Windows Store now. If you haven’t experienced the power of modern translation, you’re in for a pleasant shock.

Source: Bing Translator for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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