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Rdio, a free service that will let you discover your favorite track with unlimited music streaming, on-demand and also ad-free right on your Windows Phone! The app has more than 18 million tracks available and more are added weekly, you can instantly listen to the popular hits, old favorites and new releases While you are in a mood to listen to something new, follow all the taste-makers, artists, friends and make their favorites find ways to your ears. You can have your own playlist that can be shared with your friends, and can be synced to your devices for listening to them offline. The app offers more of a human-powered music breakthrough. It has a complete universe of music available for about what you would prefer paying for just an album. The app offers a subscription based service. You can get it on your Windows Phone by browsing through the Windows App Store or signing up at

Rdio recently has released an update which makes the app Windows Phone 8 friendly. Microsoft Corporation has done a great job with the Xbox Music service but present it is yet not a cross platform and that bothers many users. Rdio will enable streaming playback via the Web, a wide range of Smartphones and also through several music appliances such as Sonos.

Users can sign up for a free trail just as Xbox Music to see if they like the service before they subscribe, for Rdio they can a timeline of 7 days.

As Rdio has been exceedingly active to develop its own app, the latest version released if now compatible with Windows Phone 8 too. The primary updates are:

  • Compatibility with Windows Phone 8
  • Improvised Online Playback and streaming
  • Browse Recommendations
  • Enhancements to Metro Interface

If nothing tangible is there, there has been no word on Windows Phone 8 that has been released to the Windows Phone Store. Not just this, but the front page still shows the Windows Phone 7 version, isn’t that crazy? Many users have been contacting them for clarifications, as what has  been changed and what not.

In case you do not have Rdio, you can access the app for free from the Windows Phone Store for all devices. Start off with a trial period before you subscribe for it from the app too. Enjoy your music even when you are on the go!

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