Files App for Apple Devices: One Stop Shop for All of Your Files

Everyone with an iPad or iPhone has had those problems at one point or another where you are trying to read, view, or just open a file that won’t seem to cooperate or is for some reason incompatible. Then you go through the hoops and ladders of trying to figure out what the issue is, what you need to download, and what there is you can do to fix it. This is a pain, but thankfully, Files App is a great new app that hopes to eliminate all of that unnecessary stress from that kind of thing.

Files App is simple, just like any really useful app. It basically does exactly what you expect it to. It will be your go to app for everything and anything related to a file. It can open and read and PDF or Office suite file without a problem. It can also be the best photo or video viewer you have in your grasp. But, it doesn’t end there. Not that it’s trying to unthrone iTunes, but it also has a great music listening in app service which caters to your library and can help create and customize playlists, shuffle, and even airplay.

One of the best features is that you can simply drag and drop files right from your computer into Files App with any default browser and have them directly transferred to your phone or device. This eliminates all of that guesswork with linking and not getting exactly what you needed done from some confusion of compatibility. It can also be linked directly to a Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box account for easier syncing as well.

The app is simple and so is the interface. At first glance and the first time using the app you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. Do yourself and your files a favor and grab Files App from the app store today.

Source: Files App for iPhone

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