The Top 5 Best Android Apps for Backing Up Your Data

Backing up the things we have saved on our phones these days is becoming more and more important. We not only have incredibly vital information stored on these devices, but the overall function of our smart phones has taken over large aspects of our work and daily schedule. Here are the five best apps for backing up your data on your Android device

Titanium Backup Root ;


The most famous and well used backup app available for Android is the Titanium Backup App. It is powerful, does everything you need from it and allows for heavier customization than most others. Never fear about losing your app data, or your phone memory with this app installed on your phone.

SMS Backup and Restore ;


This app is for those of us who find our phone’s texting inbox filling up far too quickly and need to slim it down by deleting messages, but often delete some by accident. Sometimes we have very important things saved in text messages, yet when we delete them there is usually almost no way of getting it back. With the SMS Backup and Restore App, you can schedule backups to automatically occur and save your texts so that never happens again.

Go Backup Pro ;


Another all around backup app, Go Backup Pro helps store and save user data, system settings, and everything else you would want protected on your phone. This app can be a lifesaver if your device ever becomes corrupted or a malicious app is downloaded that compromises your data.

Carbon – App Sync and Backup ;


Carbon is a newer contender to the world of backup apps. Unlike the others we have discussed here it does not require root, which is a big plus for more general and simplified users of Android devices. Carbon is an app that works in the background and requires you do not do anything after setting it up, but still allows the safety of knowing your device is being synced and backed up.

Super Backup: SMS and Contacts ;


This is a very good app for those of us who live by our Androids. Some of us that work with these devices hold our treasured texts and contacts and calendar dates all in one device and risking losing these can be a true nightmare. This app works to make sure that can never happen by backing up all of that data to your SD card or sending it out to your email inbox. This can really save the day if your phone is ever compromised.


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