Microsoft’s Office 365 Comes to the iPhone

Now, iPhone users can view and edit all of their Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel projects on their phones if they have a current Office 365 subscription. The actual name of the app is ‘Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers’ and it will not work properly without an active subscription to the service.

As with the Office 365 product, the app is designed to work in the cloud. All of your documents stored via Microsoft’s SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, and SharePoint can be accessed from the app. Likewise, the app can upload any changes or new documents to these services for later viewing and editing in a Microsoft Office desktop program or mobile device. One very convenient feature is the ability to automatically view compatible Office attachments without exporting the file manually. Once Office Mobile is installed on your iPhone, it automatically integrates itself and makes the process of receiving those file attachments much easier.

The cloud also covers some subtle but convenient features like resuming editing or reading in the spot where the document was last viewed. The app cleverly downloads accessed documents so that they can still be accessed without a data connection if one isn’t available. The next time you do have a data connection, all changes made to documents are uploaded like magic.

The app looks great and like most Microsoft Office products, contains almost every feature you could think of. It’s a powerful tool for heavy users of Office 365 who want to get some extra work done on their iPhones. Lucky for them, Microsoft decided to throw a tasty bone to their rival Apple.

Source: Office 365 App for iPhone

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