Control Center For Android Brings The iOS 7 Beta Experience

In the long line of Android apps hoping to capture some of the iOS experience ahead of the official iOS 7 release, comes Control Center. Control Center is deeply inspired by the latest iOS 7 beta and aims to get the experience to all Android devices well ahead of the day that iOS 7 is finally released. Control Center is a way to quickly access your device’s settings and utility apps with a series of toggle switches and slider bars. The toggles now appear as full, larger icons which makes pressing them easier as well as more visually appealing. All of the standard settings options are there including WiFi, rotation lock, volume, etc. Brightness and volume come with useful sliders for fine control. Some core apps can also be accessed with attractive icons in the lower part of the control center panel. These include handy apps like flashlight, calculator, and camera that you might find yourself going to so frequently that it’s much more convenient to have them all in one place.

When you install Control Center, it becomes a special menu on the device screen that can be accessed at any time. You simply tap the defined area on the bottom to bring the panel up. There are a great variety of customization options and you can control whether the menu sits on the bottom, bottom right, or bottom left. You can even control the size of the touchable area to activate Control Center. There is an option to disable or enable vibrate on touch for the icons as well.

Control Center looks fantastic and is much better than many clunky settings menus that dominate mobile devices. While it may be inspired by iOS 7, it does a great job in its own right. Control Center is available now on Google Play for free.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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