WORDWAVE : A Predictive Keyboard for Android

WORDWAVE is a new entry in the arena of predictive keyboards for Android. While Android comes with Google Keyboard and its own predictive abilities, users may be looking for a little something extra. WORDWAVE has a bunch of little improvements that cater more toward the individual user and their habits. The app studies provided data, learns from your typing over time, and can adjust how aggressive it is in correcting or predicting. There are options to ‘learn’ from Google And Facebook if you choose to allow WORDWAVE access to the data. It will then be able to scan your data from these services and better predict the types of words you use for higher accuracy. There is a slider setting where you can set the typing style from fast (corrective) to precise (predictive). If you love to keep your thumbs moving at lightning speed but are prone to errors, WORDWAVE will keep watch and try to correct your mistakes. On the other hand if you’re more cautious, WORDWAVE will emphasize its predictive powers to offer up accurate suggestions to save you typing time.

The keyboard itself is very similar to Google Keyboard and suggestions appear above the keys. The backspace button is placed in the bottom left which is very disconcerting and there should at least be an option to place it back in the top right. WORDWAVE comes with a great variety of settings to control the typing experience from volume and vibrate on touch to the color and font of the keyboard. The typing experience is also enhanced by some extra shortcut swipe gesture for capitalizing letters, deleting the last word typed, etc. that can speed up typing once you get used to them. WORDWAVE is also reportedly going to update the keyboard with Swype style functionality for even faster input.

As a fun incentive to improve your typing, WORDWAVE keeps track of your overall accuracy as well as its own performance in correcting or predicting the right word. You can even turn it into a kind of game to see how well you type or improve over time. WORDWAVE is free for now on Google Play, give it a try.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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