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BullGuard Virus Scan : Free Cloud-Based AntiVirus

BullGuard is a computer security firm with a reputation for good malware detection. In a field dominated by big names like Symantec and McAfee, you might not have heard of BullGuard, but they’re hoping to change that with a new online scanning tool. The company has created a plugin for all major browsers that can run a system scan to detect viruses, malware, and spyware quickly and accurately. This differs from most other antivirus offerings that typically run in a dedicated application that must be downloaded and updated continuously. BullGuard’s cloud based strategy makes it easier for users to avoid conflicts with other antivirus programs and be freed from the hassle of constant virus definition updates.


BullGuard’s site offers a download of the free plugin which also installs a small toolbar addition to your browser. Clicking the button runs a scan of your computer and it is very fast. During the scan, a progress bar appears indicating the number of files left to scan. After the scan is complete, a diagnostic log is also available that summarizes the results for future records. The free version only detects threats and does not remove them. For that, you will need to purchase the full edition or you can remove the infected files with another antivirus program.

BullGuard hopes to attract newer users who are more familiar with cloud-based services. With users increasingly turning to browsers and cloud services for their needs, putting an antivirus suite in the cloud is a smart move. The toolbar button makes it a simple matter to run a scan instead of dealing with a separate application. The plugin is a simple download away at BullGuard’s site. If you’re curious about cloud-based antivirus, it’s worth a try.

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