Erase Easily Your Call And SMS History With Android History Eraser App

There are thousands of applications that are being developed for the android users. Some of them are really praise worthy. History eraser is one of them which is listed among the top 100 android applications of the year 2012. It is very simple and easy to use. As its name implies, it is developed so as to delete and remove all the old data and history from your phone which can be the websites you browsed, calls you made or received, messages sent or received and many more of the short-term information and data on your phone. It also removes the Google map and Youtube history.  It helps to maintain your privacy on the phone. Moreover, the history consumes a lot of space on your phone memory if it is not removed on time.

This is the fact which makes it necessary for the android user to download and install the application and hence it increases to its demand. In addition, it also provides the information about how much of the memory is made free after removal of the history. It is one of the trustworthy applications that perform work quickly. It also allows you to delete some of the specific data on your phone which you want to delete. For instance, it can delete only the sent messages or even some specific messages that you selected. If in case it fails to do its job, you can use another application named App Cache Cleaner which will fix the problem.

This is a very useful tool that is needed for the smooth operation of your android phone. History Eraser is continuously being updated by the release of different new versions that are now available. Last but not the least, it is available online to be downloaded for free.


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