Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone: It’s Amazing

So we’ve been covering a lot of Windows Phone stuff lately here on TechnoBB and today is no different. There has been a lot of controversy about calender apps with mobile devices. Most people just use whatever is built in with their phone and others seem to have a favorite that they wouldn’t change off of no matter what. I have been a die hard of both of those categories and then I was introduced to Chronos Calender. This calendar app is a game changer for sure.

Not only does this calender have a fast load time and everything else you could want on a Windows Phone, but the software is built for the hardware. If you have a Windows Phone you should get Chronos Calendar it’s really as simple as that. Most people use calendar apps to quickly locate dates and store tasks, which are simple enough to do on any calendar app, but with Chronos you do those simple tasks in the easiest way possible. It is fully synced with any other calender you might be using as well which makes installing it and putting it to use far simpler than anything else you could get.

Windows’ newest technology is all based off of their tiled interface and this calendar app makes the most of it at well. It can be customized heavily which is not standard with most Windows Phone apps. Usually it’s kind of a take what you can get kind of thing, but in Chronos Calendar you can choose color, sizing, look and feel.

Source: Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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