MessageMe: An Awesome Cross-Platform Messaging App

One of the biggest issues with texting or sending messages across platforms or within groups is the finicky transition from operating system to operating system. If someone is on an iPhone, and others are using Android, the whole situation turns much more complicated than it needs to be. This mess can be resolved with the great new cross platform messaging app called MessageMe. This app is available for not only Android users, but iOS users as well. This means now if everyone gets this app messaging in groups, texting, and sharing pictures can be seamless with the integration of everyone on the same platform.

Not only is this a great, free alternative to texting and messaging numbers that may otherwise be charged, but it can also enable url sharing, walkie talkie function, and even sharing doodles. If there was ever a messaging app that literally everyone should get it would be this one. I can kind of think of this as a universal language of sorts. In the same way someone from Asia would get confused speaking with an American, a user of one mobile platform may have their messages translated incorrectly, but in MessageMe everyone is speaking the same language.

Not only does this make a great messaging app for people to chat with from phone to phone, but it also functions as a messaging app in general to any mobile device like a tablet or app accessible interface. You owe it to yourself and any of your friends to make the transition to MessageMe and simplify and evolve your messaging experience to a place you never knew was possible, especially for free!

iOS: MessageMe for iPhone

Android: MessageMe for Android

[Image Credit: Apple itunes | Google Play Store]

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